My professional services, before retirement,

Couple Psychotherapy

A couple usually comes to see me because of a particular problem. It might be the discovery of an affair or the last child leaving home; health problems or redundancy. Sometimes a couple will complain of a lack of intimacy which might be sexual or emotional the result of which is in an inability to relate anymore

Initially I suggest we meet for two consultations; this gives us all the chance to think about the problem that is being presented; the clients the time to ask me questions about how I work; my fees and other practical details and I have time to reflect on the problem that is being presented to me.

Trees imageOnce we have agreed to work together we will find a mutually convenient time which will be a regular session at the same time and on the same day each week.

[For further information see "What is a Couple"]

Individual psychoanalytic psychotherapy

A client who wishes to have individual therapy may well be prompted to consider therapy because of a particular problem such as feeling depressed, anxious or fearful. But often the feelings aren’t as specific as that and the client just wants to take the time to get to know herself better, perhaps in order to have a better relationship, change career or be more creative.

As with a couple who are seeking help I suggest two initial consultations before deciding to engage in therapy.


I mostly supervise couple counsellors and psychotherapists. Unlike on-going work with clients I am happy to be flexible with supervision, which can take place weekly, fortnightly or monthly.