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The Business of Therapy:
How to Run a Successful Private Practice

The Business of TherapyPublished in November 2012, this book is filled with important information for the experienced or newly licensed therapist.

"Although addressed primarily to psychotherapists and counsellors, practically every page of this book applies equally to the practice of complementary medicine - acupuncture, osteopathy and so on - and it is essential reading for these practitioners. For it teaches, in far more depth than their training ever does, just what it means to be a therapist; and the book's clarity and wisdom will enhance the work done in any treatment room."
John Hamwee, Acupuncturist and author of Energy Medicine and Acupuncture for New Practitioners

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The Invisible Matrix

The Invisible Matrix CoverBoth therapists and patients operate in a wonderfully complex web of relationships, a formative field as formative and powerful as it is unspoken. This field is as strong and powerful as the unconscious itself.

The book demonstrates to therapists and patients how the web of relationships in the wider world shapes our behavior in the consulting room. We are much more social than we might like to believe — a notion that has radical implications for theraputic practice in all its forms.

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Below you will find papers I've written. Tthe links will take you to the text of the paper itself, in full.

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Letting Go and Getting On — Life, Love and Loss
Love and the Teleworker
The Creative Couple
The Lonliness of the Long Distance Worker